Head office Address: Ain Saadeh, Lebanon
Lebanon +961 3 789 791
UAE +971 50 352 8730


Yanni Bakery made its come back after 10 years of closure with a new management, new services and a revamped brand identity while keeping its well known logo. After uplifting its corporate identity, Yanni Bakery decided to launch Yanni a la carte resto-cuisine. A new delivery menu was created and introduced to the locals and the companies if the region. New chic uniforms were designed and produced. Inspired from the interior look & feel of the store while respecting the Yanni Bakery Identity, Yanni a la carte was also created to attract a new target of people who would like to experience the fresh hot Yanni a la carte cuisine. 


YANNI bakery -Yanni a la carte-
Corporate Identity revamping, packaging and branding, Logo, Delivery menu, coaster and place mats, uniforms