Head office Address: Ain Saadeh, Lebanon
Lebanon +961 3 789 791
UAE +971 50 352 8730

The Kaïa Store

The Kaïa Store is continuing a 600 year-old tradition: making handmade soap from recipes handed down from generation to generation. The Kaïa store proudly maintained its Mediterranean heritage and expertise. NjoyCreations understood the objective of this young start-up created by a couple who are asse,bling rich ingredients and hand made products from around the Meditteranaian bassin. The Kaïa Store starts with a rich soap line of products. All hand made and natural, NC preserved this unique value and interpreted in the branding and packaging of soaps, oils and sea salt products. All the material used are natural and recycle. All the packaging were assembeled by hand, one by one to highlight the handmae products of The Kaïa Store.

The Kaïa Store
Corporate identity, Branding and Packaging
USA market